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08-Aug-2017 16:56

~ Are you planning on driving into Mexico with your household goods?

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Readers who doubt these official SAT rules (who are reading the out-of-date Aduana websites), can check the current Mexican Customs Form from SAT (Aduana’s PARENT organization) at: IN MORE STUFF THAN ALLOWED for Duty Free: If you want to bring in more than the allowed $$ of goods, or bring in ADDITIONAL QUANTITIES of restricted items like more than 3 liters of alcoholic beverages or more than 1 cartons (10 packs) of cigarettes, here are the current SAT rules as of Oct, 2014: “¿Qué puede importarse bajo el procedimiento simplificado de pasajeros?

******* ° New or used goods for personal use, such as clothing, footwear and personal hygienic products, in reasonable quantities, according to the length of your trip and that they may not be subject to commercialization ° Medications for personal use.

In the case of psychotropic substances you must present the corresponding medical prescription *** ° Persons with disabilities may include those items for personal use that due to their characteristics may replace or reduce their disability. 2013 ================================================================= In which cases should I pay taxes?

================================================================= Which goods are restricted? For further information please visit the following websites: and

• Hams and Cheeses, well sealed in their original packages, with all labeling intact are allowed: SAGARPA: Ingreso de jamones y quesos , Fire4, 2014 Update We have added a section on ~ RULES FOR SALESPEOPLE doing business as VISITORS to Mexico:. 4, 2014 Update We have added information on bringing in additional quantities of restricted items like cigarettes or alcohol, by paying extra duties.