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03-Jun-2017 13:31

In the first emails used they tried to act as a 16yo and when they weren't getting a response they admitted to being a 24yo and that they ageplay.

Repeated several times was not going to ageplay with them and they told me it was completely legal for adults.

Of course I knew it was a adult acting as a minor and even if no one believes me its all in the emails prior to the emails when the ageplay occurred. You are making a claim they told you they were 24, then you need to prove that you did not engage them in any conversation until they did tell you that they were of legal age and you never had any intent to engage a minor in any type of conversation.

IF you can prove these emails told you that they were an adult and that is when you engaged them in conversation, this is a viable defense since they have to prove you intended to have contact with a minor and the emails would prove there was no such intent and had you even thought it was a minor you would not have acted the way you did. They tried to delete the emails and changed my password XXXXX could not get onto email account to have proof.

State prosecutor does not care and isn't dropping charges.(to cover for the police department I know) Officer said he had nothing to do with the other emails and denys it (of course so he doesn't get charged with prudery).

Lawyer has traced ip numbers of both email accounts.

Was arrested and officer filed bogus police report and took cell phone used to log into email. After released on bond was able to get back into email account and emails were not completely lost.

printed out erased emails before the ageplay event happened and email of changed password XXXXX was done round about 1 hour after was arrested.

Cannot get another job because of background check. I am 99% sure it is protected by the 1st amendment but no one not even my lawyer has given me a yes or no answer.They arrested me when arranged a meeting place where I parked in a parking lot nearby so could see them walking around looking for me to see what this adult actually looked like and could email him back that it was all a joke and along the lines of making fun of them and feel stupid for meeting somewhere and not show up. But because was going around trying to ageplay right off the bat before explaining the situation and putting it upfront from the beginning.