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One student who had Christensen as a TA recently wrote on Reddit, “I had him 3 years ago for physics 212 TA. Completely normal, perhaps a bit awkward but with no unusual vibes.” According to the University of Illinois police, Zhang, a graduate student from China, disappeared on June 9.She was supposed to check out an apartment to lease and never showed up.

That’s the same university where Zhang was a visiting scholar. Currently, I fabricate nanoscale-level devices and perform electrical measurements on them in order to discover new things about mesoscopic physics.“This is a senseless and devastating loss of a promising young woman and a member of our community.There is nothing we can do to ease the sadness or grief for her family and friends, but we can and we will come together to support them in any way we can in these difficult days ahead.” According to The Chicago Sun-Times, “Some 5,600 Chinese enrolled at U of I, more than at any U. college, according to government data.” The chancellor wrote in the statement, “It is with great sorrow that I must tell you that the FBI announced this evening that they believe Yingying Zhang, a visiting scholar to our campus who disappeared three weeks ago, is no longer alive. Authorities said in an affidavit that they now believe Zhang is dead.

student researcher from Champaign, is accused of kidnapping Yingying Zhang, a missing University of Illinois visiting scholar whose mysterious disappearance galvanized the community.

These measurements are done with a variety of devices; most notably probe stations and cryogenic systems.