Updating pkg config

17-Sep-2017 19:01

'; if (isset($_GET['introspect'])) echo $source; return false; } else } public static function introspect($archive, $dir) public static function web Front Controller($initfile) /** * Detect end of stub * * @param string $buffer stub past '__HALT_'.'COMPILER();' * @return end of stub, prior to length of manifest.

*/ private static final function _end Of Stub Length($buffer) /** * Allows loading an external Phar archive without include()ing it * * @param string $file phar package to load * @param string $alias alias to use * @throws Exception */ public static final function load Phar($file, $alias = NULL) /** * Map a full real file path to an alias used to refer to the * * This function can only be called from the initialization of the itself.

It also manages conflicts when * two classes depend on incompatible dependencies, or differing versions of the same * package dependency.

In addition, download will not be attempted if the php version is * not supported, PEAR installer version is not supported, or non-PECL extensions are not * installed.

'PEAR.php'; /** * PEAR_Common error when an invalid PHP file is passed to PEAR_Common::analyze Source Code() */ define('PEAR_COMMON_ERROR_INVALIDPHP', 1); define('_PEAR_COMMON_PACKAGE_NAME_PREG', '[A-Za-z][a-z A-Z0-9_] '); define('PEAR_COMMON_PACKAGE_NAME_PREG', '/^' . '\z/'); // this should allow: 1, 1.0, 1.0RC1, 1.0dev, 1.0dev123234234234, 1.0a1, 1.0b1, 1.0pl1 define('_PEAR_COMMON_PACKAGE_VERSION_PREG', '\d (? * * Input can come from three sources: * * - local files (archives or package.xml) * - remote files (downloadable urls) * - abstract package names * * The first two elements are handled cleanly by PEAR_Package File, but the third requires * accessing pearweb's xml-rpc interface to determine necessary dependencies, and the * format returned of dependencies is slightly different from that used in

* * This class hides the differences between these elements, and makes automatic * dependency resolution a piece of cake.

* * How to implement command classes: * * - The class must be called PEAR_Command_Nnn, installed in the * "PEAR/Common" subdir, with a method called get Commands() that * returns an array of the commands implemented by the class (see * PEAR/Command/for an example). '\z/'); /** * List of temporary files and directories registered by * PEAR_Common::add Temp File().

* * - The class must implement a run() function that is called with three * params: * * (string) command name * (array) assoc array with options, freely defined by each * command, for example: * array('force' = true) * (array) list of the other parameters * * The run() function returns a PEAR_Command Response object. '); define('PEAR_COMMON_CHANNEL_DOWNLOAD_PREG', '/^' . * @var array */ $GLOBALS['_PEAR_Common_tempfiles'] = array(); /** * Valid maintainer roles * @var array */ $GLOBALS['_PEAR_Common_maintainer_roles'] = array('lead','developer','contributor','helper'); /** * Valid release states * @var array */ $GLOBALS['_PEAR_Common_release_states'] = array('alpha','beta','stable','snapshot','devel'); /** * Valid dependency types * @var array */ $GLOBALS['_PEAR_Common_dependency_types'] = array('pkg','ext','php','prog','ldlib','rtlib','os','websrv','sapi'); /** * Valid dependency relations * @var array */ $GLOBALS['_PEAR_Common_dependency_relations'] = array('has','eq','lt','le','gt','ge','not', 'ne'); /** * Valid file roles * @var array */ $GLOBALS['_PEAR_Common_file_roles'] = array('php','ext','test','doc','data','src','script'); /** * Valid replacement types * @var array */ $GLOBALS['_PEAR_Common_replacement_types'] = array('php-const', 'pear-config', 'package-info'); /** * Valid "provide" types * @var array */ $GLOBALS['_PEAR_Common_provide_types'] = array('ext', 'prog', 'class', 'function', 'feature', 'api'); /** * Valid "provide" types * @var array */ $GLOBALS['_PEAR_Common_script_phases'] = array('pre-install', 'post-install', 'pre-uninstall', 'post-uninstall', 'pre-build', 'post-build', 'pre-configure', 'post-configure', 'pre-setup', 'post-setup'); /** * Class providing common functionality for PEAR administration classes.

updating pkg config-32

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* * Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright * notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the * documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution.

To retrieve Package version 1.1, use "Package-1.1," to retrieve Package state beta, use "Package-beta." To retrieve an uncompressed file, append (make sure there is no file by the same name first) To download a package from another channel, prefix with the channel name like "channel/Package" More than one package may be specified at once. See documentation for the "install" command for ways to specify a package. '\z/'); define('_PEAR_CHANNELS_NAME_PREG', '[A-Za-z][a-z A-Z0-9\.] '); define('PEAR_CHANNELS_NAME_PREG', '/^' . '\z/'); // this should allow any dns or IP address, plus a path - NO UNDERSCORES ALLOWED define('_PEAR_CHANNELS_SERVER_PREG', '[a-z A-Z0-9\-] (? defined('PEAR_RUNTYPE')) if (PEAR_RUNTYPE == 'pear') else if (getenv('PHP_PEAR_SYSCONF_DIR')) elseif (getenv('System Root')) else // Default for master_server if (getenv('PHP_PEAR_MASTER_SERVER')) else // Default for http_proxy if (getenv('PHP_PEAR_HTTP_PROXY')) elseif (getenv('http_proxy')) else // Default for php_dir if (getenv('PHP_PEAR_INSTALL_DIR')) else // Default for metadata_dir if (getenv('PHP_PEAR_METADATA_DIR')) else // Default for ext_dir if (getenv('PHP_PEAR_EXTENSION_DIR')) else // Default for doc_dir if (getenv('PHP_PEAR_DOC_DIR')) else // Default for bin_dir if (getenv('PHP_PEAR_BIN_DIR')) else // Default for data_dir if (getenv('PHP_PEAR_DATA_DIR')) else // Default for cfg_dir if (getenv('PHP_PEAR_CFG_DIR')) else // Default for www_dir if (getenv('PHP_PEAR_WWW_DIR')) else // Default for man_dir if (getenv('PHP_PEAR_MAN_DIR')) else // Default for test_dir if (getenv('PHP_PEAR_TEST_DIR')) else // Default for temp_dir if (getenv('PHP_PEAR_TEMP_DIR')) else // Default for cache_dir if (getenv('PHP_PEAR_CACHE_DIR')) else // Default for download_dir if (getenv('PHP_PEAR_DOWNLOAD_DIR')) else // Default for php_bin if (getenv('PHP_PEAR_PHP_BIN')) else // Default for verbose if (getenv('PHP_PEAR_VERBOSE')) else // Default for preferred_state if (getenv('PHP_PEAR_PREFERRED_STATE')) else // Default for umask if (getenv('PHP_PEAR_UMASK')) else // Default for cache_ttl if (getenv('PHP_PEAR_CACHE_TTL')) else // Default for sig_type if (getenv('PHP_PEAR_SIG_TYPE')) else // Default for sig_bin if (getenv('PHP_PEAR_SIG_BIN')) else // Default for sig_keydir if (getenv('PHP_PEAR_SIG_KEYDIR')) else /** * This is a class for storing configuration data, keeping track of * which are system-defined, user-defined or defaulted.

It is ok to mix these four ways of specifying packages. When upgrading, your package will be updated if the provided new package has a higher version number (use the -f option if you need to upgrade anyway). WARNING: This function is deprecated in favor of using the upgrade command with no params Upgrades all packages that have a newer release available. '); define('PEAR_COMMON_PACKAGE_DOWNLOAD_PREG', '/^' . :\.[a-z A-Z0-9\-] )*(\/[a-z A-Z0-9\-] )*'); define('PEAR_CHANNELS_SERVER_PREG', '/^' . '\z/i'); define('_PEAR_CHANNELS_PACKAGE_PREG', '(' ._PEAR_CHANNELS_SERVER_PREG . * @category pear * @package PEAR * @author Stig Bakken * @copyright 1997-2009 The Authors * @license BSD License * @version Release: 1.10.5 * @link * @since Class available since Release 0.1 */ class PEAR_Config extends PEAR * @copyright 1997-2009 The Authors * @license BSD License * @link * @since File available since Release 1.4.0a1 */ /** * Required for the PEAR_VALIDATE_* constants */ require_once 'phar://go-pear.phar/' .

* * Possible parameters are phar://pharname.phar/filename_within_* @param string a file within the archive * @return string the filename within the to retrieve */ public function initialize Stream($file) /** * Open the requested file - PHP streams API * * @param string $file String provided by the Stream wrapper * @access private */ public function stream_open($file) /** * @param string filename to opne, or directory name * @param bool if true, a directory will be matched, otherwise only files * will be matched * @uses trigger_error() * @return bool success of opening * @access private */ private function _stream Open($file, $search For Dir = false) /** * Read the data - PHP streams API * * @param int * @access private */ public function stream_read($count) /** * Whether we've hit the end of the file - PHP streams API * @access private */ function stream_eof() /** * For seeking the stream - PHP streams API * @param int * @param SEEK_SET|SEEK_CUR|SEEK_END * @access private */ public function stream_seek($pos, $whence) /** * The current position in the stream - PHP streams API * @access private */ public function stream_tell() /** * The result of an fstat call, returns mod time from creation, and file size - * PHP streams API * @uses _stream_stat() * @access private */ public function stream_stat() /** * Retrieve statistics on a file or directory within the * @param string file/directory to stat * @access private */ public function _stream_stat($file = null) /** * Stat a closed file or directory - PHP streams API * @param string * @param int * @access private */ public function url_stat($url, $flags) /** * Open a directory in the for reading - PHP streams API * @param string directory name * @access private */ public function dir_opendir($path) /** * Read the next directory entry - PHP streams API * @access private */ public function dir_readdir() /** * Close a directory handle opened with opendir() - PHP streams API * @access private */ public function dir_closedir() /** * Rewind to the first directory entry - PHP streams API * @access private */ public function dir_rewinddir() /** * API version of this class * @return string */ public static final function APIVersion() /** * Retrieve Phar-specific metadata for a Phar archive * * @param string $phar full path to Phar archive, or alias * @return null|mixed The value that was serialized for the Phar * archive's metadata * @throws Exception */ public static function get Phar Metadata($phar) /** * Retrieve File-specific metadata for a Phar archive file * * @param string $phar full path to Phar archive, or alias * @param string $file relative path to file within Phar archive * @return null|mixed The value that was serialized for the Phar * archive's metadata * @throws Exception */ public static function get File Metadata($phar, $file) /** * @return list of supported signature algorithmns.

*/ public static function get Supported Signatures() }} if (!


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