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I really don’t know what we would have done if he said no. We were just writing to write, we weren’t thinking that someone had to actually call and pitch him.Then the next question was, how game was he going to be with all the things we wanted him to do?Now three episodes into living as a man in hiding, Larry paid a visit to Rushdie for help, and the storyline was written into the show before David and executive producer Jeff Schaffer even knew if Rushdie was available, or if he would be up for playing himself."We didn't have a plan B," Schaffer tells to do this?

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Sure, there are people still after him, but he’s still going to appear in TV shows, he’s still going to tear Larry’s wig off. Looking back, Rushdie played it well during his TV visit with Seth Meyers. But we tried very hard because we wanted the audience to enjoy that surprise, when Larry says, “There’s only one man who can help me,” and then there’s the big gate, the butler and the parlor doors slide open and there he is.

Below, in a chat with You had previously said there were a few cameos you wrote into the season before even checking if the person was available. We needed a way to have Larry feel good, or at least a little more relaxed, about the fatwa.