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28-Oct-2017 02:58

But even if you think you’re already truly, madly and deeply in love, wait a while before expressing your lovey emotions.

If you say it too early into a relationship, you may make the whole thing feel trivial, like you’re used to saying ‘I love you’ to anyone you date.

It’s always better to express your love earlier than later.

#7 The right way to say I love you for the first time.

Saying it too early will lose the value If you think you love someone, that’s a great sign.

It’s not too easy to find prospective lovers with whom we can fall deeply in love.

For some, it’s an overwhelming word that wells up happy emotions.

Do you really love this person you’re dating, or is it just an infatuation that’s clouding your mind? Before you say ‘I love you’, you need to be sure that you would want this person in your life as something more than just a weekend date. It’s usually a man’s job to profess his love and control the direction of the relationship.

Unless you intend to keep proposing your love every weekend, avoid answering on their behalf.

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